It is the documented assessment of the performance of a construction product in terms of its essential characteristics, in accordance with the relevant European Assessment Document (EAD).

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In accordance with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 305/2011:



− The European Technical Assessment can only be issued by a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) such as the IETcc, at the request of a manufacturer on the basis of a European Assessment Document (EAD) established according the procedures included in the article 21 and Annex II of the CPR.

− Provided that an European Assessment Document (EAD) already exists, an European Technical Assessment can be issued even in the case when a mandate for harmonized standard had been adopted. The issue will be possible until the beginning of the coexistence period determined by the Commission in accordance with the article 15, section 5.

− The European Technical Assessment contains performance(s) that must be declared, by levels, or classes, or by a description of the essential characteristics agreed between the manufacturer and the TAB requested for the assessment of the declared intended use and of the necessary technical details for the implementation of the system for the assessment and the verification of the constancy of performance.

− In order to guarantee the uniform implementation of the current article, Delegated acts shall be adopted by the Commission in order to set the format of the European Technical Assessment (ETA) in accordance with the procedure referred to in article 64, section 2.

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The Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) under the scope of the ETA

It is a process which obliges the manufacturer or ETA-holder, to always maintain for its product, the performances declared and assessed, on the basis of the AVCP system option stated on its ETA, and previously assigned by the European Commission as referred to in Article 28 and Annex V of the Regulation (EU) 305/2011. The options of AVCP here defined established different tasks to be carried out by the manufacturer and, if appropriate, by a notified body. These options are summarized in the table below. They are ordered from lower to higher level of requirements, together with the description of the contents, body involved and the type of certificate that, when appropriate, must accompany the ETA:

Building with light cladding façade construction system granted with an ETA
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