The National Application Document (DITplus) is a voluntary document which is issued by the Eduardo Torroja Construction Sciences Institute (IETcc). This document contains a favourable technical assessment about the fitness of a product (material, system or procedure) in building and/or civil engineering, for the assigned use and, based on National Technical Approval (DIT) procedure, evaluates voluntary aspects not covered or complementary covered by the CE marking.

DITplus, such as DIT, should be considered as a quality mark. Therefore, the objectives are the evaluation of the performance or specific characteristics proposed by the manufacturers or products suppliers, the verification of the conformity to the specifications, or the establishment of an appropriate quality system.

Building with façade cladding system granted with DITplus.
(Ramón y Cajal School, Madrid).

DIT evolution from Nº 334,
to DIT plus Nº 334-p/13

DITplus is based on the principles established in the Application Document established by the UEAtc, and can be applied to both the harmonized standards and the European Technical Assessment (ETA). The issuing and procedure of the DITplus is regulated by the Regulation for the issuing of DITplus, (December, 2018).

PRODUCTS covered by DITplus

In accordance with the current regulations of the European market, all construction products with CE marking, whether covered by Harmonized Standard developed by CEN or EAD established in EOTA, may be subject to additional assessments, like voluntary quality marks, if manufacturers wish to apply for it.

As the EC recognizes in its Blue Book or Guide on the Implementation of the New Approach and Global Approach Directives, coexistence between voluntary marks (such as DIT or DITplus) and mandatory marks (CE marking) is perfectly possible.

Products may show marks and additional markings different than CE mark, provided that:

  • Perform a different role
  • Do not create confusion
  • Do not reduce their visibility and readability

DITplus may only be granted to construction materials, systems or procedures, which satisfy the following conditions:

  • They are perfectly identifiable
  • They are intended for specific or unmistakable use
  • They are already CE marked

Building with cladding system for ventilated facade with DITplus
(Hospital of Valdecillas, Santander)

Building with cladding system for roofs with DITplus
(Market of Sants, Barcelona)

Issuing of DITplus

For those voluntary aspects which are not covered by the CE marking, the issuing of DITplus is based on the favourable assessment of performances of the product for the intended use.

In order to issue a DITplus, it is necessary that the manufacturer’s Factory Production Control allows the regularity and uniformity of the manufactured product and its traceability in order to ensure that all final performances of the product are the same as those assessed in DITplus.


According to the contents of the different CE markings for the different products, there are many complementary aspects that can be assessed for the issuing of the DIT plus.

The content of the DITplus is divided into two groups of aspects to consider. All of them within the voluntary option which is allowed by the document. The first group of aspects, given its relevance, is always included in the DITplus, while the second group responds to required contents by the applicant or by the sector in general for the type of product to be assessed.

Construction detail of roof system with DITplus

Construction detail of structural knot system with DITplus

  1. Necessary aspects to be included in the document:

1.1 Fulfilment of National Regulations.
1.2 Use of the product. Installations and limitations of use.
1.3 Maintenance and service conditions of the product.

  1. Other aspects that may be included in addition:

2.1 Fulfilment of Codes of Good Practice and reference standards.
2.2 Appearance and aesthetics aspects.
2.3 Performances or features values above those required in the RPC.
2.4 A higher level of AVCP certification.
2.5 Environmental and/or sustainability aspects (including life cycle assessment).
2.6 Other aspects not covered by CE marking.

First DITplus Document issued.


 Detalle constructivo de sistema de
cubiertas con DITplus

Detalle constructivo ejemplo de sistema de nudos estructurales con DITplus


DITplus will have a validity period of 5 years provided that a review process is not opened before. For documents resulting from the confirmation of a similar document issued by another UEAtc Member Organization, the validity shall be the same as that of the original document being validated.

In exceptional cases, which shall be specified reflectively, the concession period may be shorter.

An annual surveillance shall be carried out in accordance with the Regulation for the surveillance of DIT/DITplus, provided for this purpose. If the annual surveillance result as favourable, the IETcc will issue annually a certificate, which shall be linked to the DITplus in order to maintain its validity. If the surveillance results as not favourable, the provisions of the Regulation for the surveillance of DIT/DITplus will be followed, and the DITplus may be cancelled.

Building with prefabricated carrying panels system granted with DITplus
(Housing, Madrid