World Architecture Day: “Now we make it possible”.


The World Architecture Day, which which was celebrated the last October 4, had the motto “Now we make it possible”, to highlight the “opportunity” represented by the Next Generation European funds and the Urban Rehabilitation and Regeneration Plan included in the Component 2 of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan “to undertake, in a real and generalized way, the transformation that our homes, buildings, towns, cities and territories require.”

This manifesto has been promoted by Consejo Superior de los Colegios de Arquitectos de España (CSCAE). The Consejo highlight the serious deficiencies that present around 25 million homes throughout the country. Among the most striking shortcomings mentioned by said the Consejol, we highlight the lack of accessibility in 75% of the residential park. This means that around 2 million people with reduced mobility cannot leave their homes, unless they receive help to do so. This loss of autonomy in people greatly limits their quality of life and involves both financial and personal / family costs.

Another issue pointed out by the CSCAE is the high pollutant percentage of the real estate stock in this country (75% Approx.), Due to constructions carried out several decades ago and therefore lacking regulations on energy efficiency

Next Generation: momentum for transformation

The CSCAE focuses on the fact that, now, it is possible: “Now, we can take advantage of Next Generation funds and the momentum of the European Union initiative to undertake a wave of renovation of buildings and homes and regeneration of urban spaces that reaches to all corners of the country, from the big cities to the smallest ones. All of that can help us to build a better future for all of us”.
To download the manifesto, follow the link : 2021_DiaMundialArquitectura_Manifiesto_DEF.pdf (




18 de marzo de 2021.

Eventos, Jornadas

Colaboraciones docentes de posgrado con la ETSAM-UPM en Curso 2020-2021

La Unidad Técnica de Evaluación de Productos Innovadores de construcción. DIT, a petición de la E.T.S. de Arquitectura de Madrid-UPM, sigue colaborando en la actividad docente de posgrado, e impartirá las siguientes conferencias:



08 de marzo de 2021.

Eventos, Jornadas

Convocatoria de beca JAE INTRO 2021. Ref.JAE INT21_EX_0317: Plazo 09.03.2021 a 09.04.2021

Desde el 9.03.2021 hasta el 09.04.2021 se podrán entregar las solicitudes para la nueva convocatoria de beca de Introducción a la Investigación para estudiantes JAE INTRO CSIC Referencia JAE INT21_EX_0317 Investigación científico técnica para la evaluación de la idoneidad de empleo de materiales y sistemas constructivos innovadores.