Manufacturers or their representatives often wonder about the cost of obtaining a DIT. It is a question usually linked to another: How long does it take to be granted with a DIT?

Naturally, the question is as reasonable as general the answer that they will received in most cases: It depends.

The DIT is an assessment procedure for almost all families and innovative or non-standardized products, and for all areas of building and civil engineering works. That is, for many products and construction systems, which can also have one or more uses (for example, the same panel can be used on a facade, a roof, an interior partition, etc.). Obviously, the cost will be very different depending on the type of product and its intended use due to the diversity of calculations, tests and trials that will be necessary in order to obtain an appreciation of the behaviour of the product based on these uses. The location of the manufacturing plant/s and the sites where it has been installed, or the validity and acceptance or not of the tests that the manufacturer may provide, will also influence the price.

In addition, it must be taken into account that carrying out DIT involves not only the tests, visits to the manufacture (s) and works (s), but also the justification of the behaviour based on the requirements established by our regulations, such as CTE, RIPCI, etc., or the celebration of a specific Commission of Experts for the issuing of the document. To this must be summed the added value of processing, if requested, the recognition of the DIT that is obtained in other member countries of the European Organization UEAtc, as well as the public diffusion of the DIT made by the IETcc, etc.

Therefore, the price (and the time) estimation depend on several factors, being easier to provide when a product alike the requested, has already been assessed, for example for a ventilated facade system, a liquid waterproofing, etc. In these cases, the approximate valuation is almost immediate. Nevertheless, when it comes to an especially novel product for which there is null or moderate experience.

Yeah, but can I get an indicative figure? You may ask.

It can be given and we give it.

In accordance with practice and insisting on all of the above, that is, the assessment must be done on a case-by-case basis, no DIT for a manufacturer with the production plant and execution works located in the Iberian Peninsula, has today a cost lower than 16,000 € (VAT, complementary tests or trials not included).