ETA 17/0318

SILBONIT kits, for ventilated external wall claddings, are composed by fibre-cement flat sheets produced by SOCIETÁ ITALIANA LASTRE S.p.A., SILBONIT fibre-cement flat sheets are mechanically fixed to timber, aluminum or galvanized steel subframe.

The fixing systems included in the ETA are:

  • Kit SILBONIT exposed fixing with screws on timber subframe (family A);
  • Kit SILBONIT -W exposed fixing with rivets on aluminium subframe (family A);
  • Kit SILBONIT -W exposed fixing with rivets/screws on galvanized steel subframe (family A);

Families referred above are described in EAD 090062-00-0404: ”Kit for external wall claddings mechanically fixed”, edition July 2018.

These kits can be fixed to the substrate wall of new or existing buildings. Usually on the substrate wall is also fixed the insulation material (defined in accordance with an EN standard or an ETA and is not manufactured by SOCIETÁ ITALIANA LASTRE S.p.A., Kit for ventilated external wall claddings is non-load-bearing construction system. It does not contribute to the stability of the wall on which it is installed, neither to ensure the air tightness of the building structure but it can contribute to durability of the works by providing enhanced protection from the effect of weathering.





(1) 9. Curtain walls, facade claddings, structural sealant glazing


(1) 9.1 Ventilated facades

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Societá Italiana Lastre, S.p.A.

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