ETA 14/0145
etalbond® PE/FR Riveted Boards etalbond® PE/FR Suspended Cassettes

The assessed kits for external wall claddings, named as “etalbond® PE/FR Riveted Boards” and “etalbond® PE/FR Suspended Cassettes Bravo cladding kit”, consist main and respectively of riveted boards and suspended cassettes made of the following types of thin metallic composite panels (TCMP): “etalbond® PE” y “etalbond® FR”, which are produced by the ETA – holder.

These claddings are mechanically fastened to a subframe, which is fixed to the external wall of new or existing buildings (retrofit). An insulation layer can be fixed on the external wall.

The kits are intended to be used for ventilated external wall cladding which can be fixed to the external walls of new or existing buildings. The assessed kits are non-load-bearing construction systems, and therefore, they do not contribute to the stability of the wall on which are installed, neither to ensure the air tightness of the building structure. But they can contribute to durability of the works by providing enhanced protection from the effect of weathering.





(1) 9. Curtain walls, facade claddings, structural sealant glazing


(1) 4.1 ETICS

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etalbond® PE/FR Riveted Boards etalbond® PE/FR Suspended Cassettes

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