Trends and News in Sustainable and Healthy Building: TheMISS “GETTING TO ZERO” organized by IFEMA Madrid (Spain).


Ifema Madrid launches a special event aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, in which the main actors in the construction and building sector show their commitment to sustainability and climate neutrality, through their innovative proposals.

TheMISS “GETTING TO ZERO” by ePower & Building that will take place from November 16 to 18, 2021 at IFEMA MADRID within the framework of GENERA, the leading fair in Spain for the renewable energy sector and in synergy with C & R-Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, will offer a space to share experiences, formulas to face present and future challenges, and generate business opportunities. A large number of associations and companies have already joined the commitment to decarbonize and fight climate change through solutions that improve people’s quality of life such as energy renovation of buildings, sustainable construction, innovation, digitization and the use of innovative materials. In this sense, TheMISS becomes a gallery where the protagonist is the product, the solution.

All this, through an organized and defined visual tour that will offer a harmonious and informative field about sustainability and innovative efficiency on the matter of housing and Building.

A “boutique” space promoted by CEPCO (Spanish Confederation of Construction Product Manufacturers Associations) and ASEFAVE (Spanish Association of Light Façade and Window Manufacturers) and that will have the expertise of the products by ASA (Sustainability and Arquitecture Association).).  More over, the companies who will participate will be able to organize a conference at TheMissForum, in which they will  present their proposals.

In this edition, as a novelty, face-to-face participation will be complemented through online participation thanks to TheMISS LIVEConnect, a digital tool that will allow to broaden the target audience and put professionals in contact anywhere in the world.

The ultimate objective of TheMISS LIVEConnect is to help companies in generating business opportunities; marketplace of products and services, networking opportunities, and participation in conferences through IT tools.

A unique opportunity to join the fight against climate change, to learn about the latest proposals and position ourselves as a key actor in the face of this challenge that concerns us all..

For more information follow the link:  The Miss | GENERA (





18 de marzo de 2021.

Eventos, Jornadas

Colaboraciones docentes de posgrado con la ETSAM-UPM en Curso 2020-2021

La Unidad Técnica de Evaluación de Productos Innovadores de construcción. DIT, a petición de la E.T.S. de Arquitectura de Madrid-UPM, sigue colaborando en la actividad docente de posgrado, e impartirá las siguientes conferencias:



08 de marzo de 2021.

Eventos, Jornadas

Convocatoria de beca JAE INTRO 2021. Ref.JAE INT21_EX_0317: Plazo 09.03.2021 a 09.04.2021

Desde el 9.03.2021 hasta el 09.04.2021 se podrán entregar las solicitudes para la nueva convocatoria de beca de Introducción a la Investigación para estudiantes JAE INTRO CSIC Referencia JAE INT21_EX_0317 Investigación científico técnica para la evaluación de la idoneidad de empleo de materiales y sistemas constructivos innovadores.