ETA 08/0169
Anclaje AWA
Anclaje AWA SS-A4

The AWA in the range of M6 to M20 is an anchor made of zinc plated steel. The AWA SS-A4 in the range of M6 to M20 is and anchor made of stainless steel. Both are placed into a drilled hole and anchored by torque-controlled expansion.

The AWA/AWA SS-A4 anchors in the range of M6 to M20 correspond to the picture and provisions given in annexes A and B. The characteristic material values, dimensions and tolerances of the anchors not indicated in annexes A and B shall correspond to the respective values laid down in the technical documentations of this European Technical Assessment.

The anchors are intended to be used for anchorages for which requirements for mechanical resistance and stability and safety and accessibility in use in the sense of the basic requirements 1 and 4 of Construction Product Regulation no 305/21011 shall be fulfilled and failure of anchorages made with these products would compromise the stability of the works, cause risk to human life and/or lead to considerable economic consequences.

The anchors are to be used only for anchorages subject to static or quasi-static loading in reinforced or unreinforced normal weight concrete of strength class C20/25 to C50/60, according to EN 206: 1990-03. It may be anchored in non-cracked concrete only.

The AWA anchor may only be used in concrete subject to dry internal conditions.

The AWA SS-A4 anchor may be used in concrete subject to dry internal conditions and also in concrete subject to external atmospheric exposure (including industrial and marine environments), or exposure in permanently damp internal conditions, if no particular aggressive conditions exist. Such particular aggressive conditions are e.g. permanent, alternating immersion in seawater or the splash zone of seawater, chloride atmosphere of indoor swimming pools or atmosphere with extreme chemical pollution (e.g. in desulphurization plants or road tunnels where de-icing materials are used).





(2) 33. Anchors


(2) 33.1 Structural anchors

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Anclaje AWA. Anclaje AWA SS-A4

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